Friday, August 21, 2009

I told you so...

<----- This is a picture of a tree that is in our front yard. It's actually kind of between the size of a large bush and a small tree, but it's a tree none-the-less. Neither Anthony or I thought much about this tree when we first moved in. It was the dead of winter, and we were more concerned about unpacking and setting up than we were about the plants in our yard.

Come early spring/April, Anthony and I were sitting on the couch looking outside our window. I made a passing comment that I thought the tree in our yard would have blooms on it. Anthony countered by arguing the opposite. "The tree looks half dead!" he argued. But I was pretty insistant that the tree would have flowers. As spring progressed, the tree did sprout tiny little purple flowers along the branches. But I still argued that the tree would have actual big flowers. Anthony did not believe me.

As you can tell by the picture, the tree now has plenty of large blooms on it! Here is a closer picture for clarification:
It actually started really blooming in late July, but I have been lazy about taking pictures and writing this blog. If you ask Anthony, he will still argue that he was right and I was wrong. I don't really see how that is possible, but you know boys.

Anyways, I thought all of you out there might enjoy this little story. Thank you for allowing me to have my little moment of declaring myself the victor :)


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Review of "A People's History of Christianity"

 “A People’s History of Christianity,” is a concise retelling of Christian history, what the cover calls “the other side of the story.” Instead of focusing on stories we all know from Christianity’s 2,000 year story, Dr. Diana Butler Bass hopes to focus on stories that–frankly–coincide with a more emergent or progressive view of Christianity.
Dr. Bass manages to write clearly and accurately. The book highlights encouraging stories about our faith, but she is also honest about Christanity’s shortcomings.
This book is not for graduate-level reading, however. It is very much a beginning-level history, so if you are very familiar with Christian history, don’t expect a lot of surprises.
Although Dr. Bass admits that she has an agenda in the prologue, I did wish for a slightly more objective take on Christian history. It was obvious throughout that she had a point to get across. Sometimes history read as more anecdotal than historical.
Overall, this book should be recommended for those new to Christianity or Christian history. Like I said, the book has few surprises, but it accomplishes the goal it sets out to accomplish, and for that it can be commended.

Monday, August 10, 2009

New Job!

Wow, it's been a while since either Anthony or I have posted. I suppose that's because there hasn't been much exciting or new. Anthony and I are still continuing the pastoral search and are still praying that God leads us to the right church. We're still living in Mishawaka and enjoying being close to friends and family.

But, we do have one new piece of news! I got a job! We're in a tricky position because Anthony's job at Housekeeping ends August 26th. We have already decided that he will go into substitute teaching until a ministry position opens for us. With him substituting, he will take the car. So that leaves me needing to find a job within walking/biking distance. I applied to Family Christian Bookstore about 3 weeks ago. Though I had good hopes about it, I went a long time without hearing anything. It was disappointing that everytime I called, I received zero information. Then, this past Friday I got a call at about 2:00pm to come in for an interview that evening. By 7:00pm I was hired and filling out paperwork!

So now I have a job (it begins next week), and we have more of a financial cushion! In so many ways it's an answer to prayer. Anthony and I were a bit worried about how to make ends meet this fall since we are still looking for more of a permanent situation. So, it's a relief to know I have at least something to contribute. I will admit, it's not the most exciting for me to think about going back into retail, but I know it's for a limited time only.

If God can provide a job for me to help us get through this time, certainly He can provide a place for us to serve permanently. It's been a rough journey these past couple of months. We want so desperately to begin our lives in ministry and officially be living out our calling. It's difficult to wait, but we're doing our best to remain hopeful.

In other news, Anthony and I discovered this glorious bookstore in South Bend. It's called Erasmus and it's in this beautiful old house that is just lined with bookshelves. It was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon, and I practically had to drag Anthony out of there. We will definitely be visiting again.

Well, that's it for now! I must get stuff ready for lunch :)