Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Birthdays, Weddings, and More!

Well, since I last posted I have had a birthday! I am now officially 24, which seems kind of surreal to me. But overall, I think I will like being 24. I had a good birthday. The weekend before was Dee and Board's wedding. It was a lot of fun being part of their day, but I'm not gonna was exhausting as well. So when my birthday came around on Monday, I was ready for some relaxing. Anthony planned a great evening for me. I came home from work with some rose petals leading to a candle lit bath (which was a perfect way to relax after work). Then he had a picnic packed and we ate dinner on Kamm's Island. We took a walk and came back home to start season 6 of 24 (24 on my 24th birthday! I'm a dork, I know.). I also got a chance to celebrate with my family and friends, so it was a great week :)

This past weekend, we got to be a part of another wedding. Hannah and Adam got married this weekend in Petoskey, MI and Anthony played the piano. It was so great and Anthony and I got to have a little bit of a weekend get away! We stayed at a hotel, went swimming, explored Petoskey, and on Sunday actually drove up to the UP and crossed Mackinaw bridge. It was a lot of fun to just get away for a little bit. Not to mention celebrating another marriage and visiting with friends. We packed a lot in a small amount of time, but it was definitely worth it.

In other news, our car is acting up again. Some of you might know our saga over the past few months. The check engine light would come on. We would fix something. A few weeks later it would come on again. Well, it came on again this weekend, only this time you can actually feel the difference. The car has been shuddering and having trouble accelerating. So, I took it in to the shop this morning and we are waiting to hear. Hopefully it's an easy fix. We're ready to have the problem taken care of.

I guess that's about all. I'm hungry and need to start thinking about lunch. Much love!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's been a while since I've really updated, so I thought it was about time. Since either of us last wrote, we have both started new jobs. Anthony has transistioned from working Housekeeping at Bethel to substitute teaching in the Mishawaka and Penn districts. So far, it's been going well. He has yet to go a day without a job, which was our biggest fear, and he has even conquered his greatest fear of teaching kindegarteners. Though it's not his dream job and some days are more frustrating than others, I think Anthony is overall enjoying the experience. It's so great that he can do this because it does keep us transitory. He can stop subbing at any time.

I started my job a Family Chrisitan last week. So far, I have yet to get many hours, but in some ways, I think I prefer that. Without going into too many details, it's definitely a job that is causing me to pray more fervently for a ministry position. Let's just say it's not my most favorite job ever. But I'm trying to keep a good attitude and focus on the extra income that we need from it.

Anthony and I are still on the job hunt for a pastoring position. We have a couple leads right now, but if either of those don't turn out then we might have to look into something else more permanent for the time being. We'll figure that out if we get there. Right now, we are still praying for God to come through for us by providint a place in ministry. We shall see. We definitely appreciate all of your prayers!

We had a fun labor day weekend! Friday night, I went to Hannah and Jamie's wedding shower. It was so good to spend some time with the girls. Sunday, a group of us went to the Blueberry festival to see the fireworks. None of us had ever been before, and it was surprising how many people were there! It would be fun to go back another year and actually see the festival. But the fireworks were by far the best I had ever seen, so that was a lot of fun! Monday, we went to the dunes, and it was delightful. I have spent so little time in the sun this summer because it's been such a cool summer. But it was perfect on Monday, and I ever got sunburned.

This weekend, Dee and Board get married, and Anthony and I are both in the wedding. It's crazy to believe that they are actually getting married!! It will be a crazy and busy weekend. But I'm ready to get into wedding mode. And, we get to see lots of people too! Anthony calculated the other day that we have spent at least $500 on wedding apparel alone this summer (tuxes and dresses)! And that's not counting gifts, parites, and any other random little stuff. Yikes! I try not to think of that number...

Anyways, I think that's about all that's new here. Life continues to move on so fast! It's almost my 24th birthday! So crazy. Well, adios amigos!