Thursday, November 11, 2010


November is here already, believe it or not. I have been so thankful for the warmer weather this fall. we had some days in the upper 70's in October, and even the past week or so has been in the 60's. I am happy to delay winter as long as possible. They're predicting snow for Saturday, but I am blissfully ignoring that bit of information :)

This past Sunday, Anthony and I were able to go horseback riding with a couple from the church. It was a gorgeous day and it seemed as though we had the park all to ourselves! It felt great to be on a horse again (I used to ride). This time, the horse did not run away with me, so that's always an accomplishment. At one point as we were riding, we even saw a couple of bald eagles flying overhead. Now, this might not seem special to you Iowa folks, but we did not have bald eagles in Indiana, so it's still pretty exciting to me when I see one.

This past Saturday, I had my first opportunity to speak for Cherish Center (the place where I work). A baby bottle campaign was being kicked off at a Catholic Church in Spencer. Our normal speaker was not able to be there, so I filled in. It was a good experience to get to speak about the organization. And it was nice to attend a mass. It's been a while since I've been to a Catholic mass, and I always find things I appreciate about the service.

Good News is gearing up for the holidays. Or at least the staff is. Anthony has been working hard the past week or two planning for Advent. It's coming sooner than I realize! We have no plans for Thanksgiving yet. Not sure if we're going to just celebrate ourselves or if we will join a family from the church. For Christmas, we're hoping to make it home, but we're still working out details.

Currently, I am working on reading through Harry Potter in preparation for the 1st of the last movies coming out next week. My goal was to make it through book 6, but as of now I am in the middle of 3. Not sure it's going to happen in time. Nonetheless, I am thoroughly enjoying myself. I always love rereading those.

I can't think of anything else too exciting going on right now. Mostly life as usual. I will try and be better about updating more often :)