Thursday, January 6, 2011

Travelin' Fools

Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope you all had wonderful holidays :) We had a great, but unique Christmas. We spent Christmas here in Okoboji... Christmas Eve we had our service at the church. Afterwards, Anthony and I watched the Santa Clause and cuddled on the couch. Christmas Day, we traveled oh so far to Spirit Lake to join the Skalbeck and Messer family for Christmas dinner. It was so wonderful for them to include us in their family. For one thing, it gave us a chance to hang out with Ben and Jen who were home for Christmas. It was also nice to not be alone. We played games, ate TONS of food (Kathy, you're so good at cooking), and laughed a lot. It was quite enjoyable.

The day after Christmas, we drove a lovely 10 hours back to Indiana! It was a whirlwind of a week. 5 days doesn't give you a whole lot of time with anybody. But nonetheless, we loved the little time we had with everyone. I was so thankful that my parents had the week off work... we got to hang out all day with them. We also got time with a majority of Anthony's siblings and all NINE of our nieces and nephews! Let's just say it was a little more crazy at Anthony's parents than at mine :) Finally, we got to spend New Year's Eve with our dear friends. This was especially special because our friend Chris was in town from Japan where he has been teaching English for the past year and a half. It felt good to be back with the gang.

So now we're back in Okoboji catching up on work, laundry, broken cars, and more. But not for long because in 5 days we leave again for....

HAWAII! Yes, it's true. Be jealous because this time next week, Anthony and I will be living the good life on the island of Kauai. We will be visiting our good friends Matt and Jamie (and their son!), celebrating our anniversary (it will be 2 years on the 10th), and seeing some of Anthony's old haunts from when he lived on the island for an internship in college. Overall, I think it will be amazing. I've always wanted to go to Hawaii and to do it while seeing friends is going to be great! If you think about it, pray for good travel weather. We fly out of Minneapolis to Chicago to LA to Lihue. I really don't want bad weather to hold us up either on our way there or on our way back.

On a more humorous note, Anthony and I have gone tanning a couple times this week. We're trying to prevent complete shock as our pastey-white skin is exposed to the Hawaiian sun. I don't know if it will help or not, but it's actually kind of relaxing to lay in a tanning bed even if it is for only 5 minutes. We'll see how it goes.

Well, I have a lot to do before we leave, so this is probably my last post before we get back. Much love!