Thursday, October 23, 2014

Three Cues That An Invitation to Church Would Be Welcome

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When's the last time you've invited someone to one of your church's services? I know it's been a while for myself. And for a socially awkward introvert like me, it can be hard to know when it's appropriate or not to bring it up with someone.

I recently heard* three cues of when to invite someone to come to a church service with you. These cues are something that you may hear in a conversation that serve as a clue that it might be appropriate to bring up going to church:

  1. "Things are not going well..." When you hear someone say this - perhaps in the context of a job, a relationship, a life-transition - that's a great opportunity to say, "Why don't you come to church with me this Sunday?"
  2. "I'm not from here..." When people move to town, it can be hard to find a system of relationships and friends to rely on. Hopefully your church is a place where people can find relationships of trust and loving acceptance.
  3. "I'm not prepared for..." Sometimes things in folks' lives are going fine - new job, kids getting married, new opportunities - but they just weren't prepared for the newness of it all. A place where you can hear teaching or receive mentoring could be exactly what a person is needing in their life. 
The ultimate goal of the church is not to make friends or just get help for tricky life-situations. The goal is to become more like Jesus. But when we invite someone to a church service, we may be helping someone in their next step in knowing God transformationally. 

* From the "Keystone Habits" episode of the very excellent Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast

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